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Eleven Talent is a full-service talent agency, that brings a unique and fresh approach to the traditional LA agency. We have an experienced, well connected and cutting edge team designed to develop, promote and we work with a fierce, passionate and diligent focus. We cater to each client individually, and pride ourself on the brilliant, creative and diverse client list that we are carefully crafting. We are Eleven Talent and we think outside the box. We are Eleven Talent and we are a force to be reckoned with. We demand our clients be hungry, be committed and powerful, because that is how we work. We are Eleven Talent and we are undeniable!

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“You don’t get an award for being a great parent, or a dope parent. My accomplishment is my daughter, Zendaya. My accomplishment is opportunity. I’ve opened up some heavy doors and negotiated some great deals. I met the president. I didn’t graduate from high school, but I talked my way into a position as a teacher at one of America’s most prestigious private schools– I taught for 17 years. I would say my greatest accomplishments are the lives of my students and kids I’ve impacted, because as a teacher I’ve influenced thousands of lives over the years and still do. I have kids that I’ve exposed to music, theater and sports. Raising my 5 wonderful children along with all the other children I’ve raised over the years, and the things they’ve achieved throughout their lives. Those are my vast accomplishments. I have various championships I’ve won coaching, but that don’t really mean shit to me. My shit is about life. People measure themselves by me—the measure of a man. Even people who have flip-flopped and fell flat on their face, they see me and they straighten up.

People will tell you, if there’s anyone who thought they could come to Hollywood and make it, it would be me.”


Noreen is originally from Chicago, and became a Los Angeles talent manager in 2002, and a Licensed LA Talent Agent in 2011. She is the President of 323 Talent Management, who maintains a very small, exclusive talent roster. Classically trained in Chicago, she studied 15 years under the legendary Ted Liss, who came out of the famed NY Group Theatre. She also studied improv at Second City, and did a summer intensive with the Director of RADA in Chicago and then studied under the late, legendary Avery Schreiber in LA.

Noreen has taught kids for many years, for the city of Glendale’s Parks and Recs program, worked with Brenda Collins for two summers at her theatre camp, A Cast of Kids, taught and coached for three years at ActorSite as well as Broadway Bound Players with Susan Thomas. She has written and directed numerous kids plays; and the child actors she has coached, directed and or managed include Bella Thorne, Bailee Madison, Victoria Justice, Cameron Monaghan, Jake Elliott, Caitlin Carmichael, Shelby Young, and Matt Cornett, among many others. Noreen has several ties to the industry, her daughter is actress Jasmine Jessica Anthony, and Jasmine’s father is the Emmy recognized MakeUp Artist Art Anthony. Noreen is a passionate worker who excels at developing talent, and is fiercely committed to her clients. She is known for having a discerning eye and recognizing true talent.

Tamara Thorne, former photographer, Advertising and Marketing executive as well as personal manager with a combined experience of 24 years. Tamara is also a mother to four children in various forms of Entertainment, Bella Thorne, International superstar, currently starring in Famous In Love and formerly of Disney’s, Shake It Up, Remy Thorne, former actor in film and television, and upcoming MMA star, Dani Thorne, model, social media influencer and DJ, and step mother to Kaili Thorne, acclaimed actress starring in various tv shows and film of past and present and model. Tamara specializes in seeking and developing new talent. She has not only worked as a manager, photographer and coach, but has also developed social media influencers and brands. Starting on social media when her youngest daughter was on the Disney Channel, before social media became the all the rage, Tamara’s marketing and advertising background allowed her the foresight to see what the future would look like with social media tools. Bella, was the first mainstream Disney star to have a fully developed social media strategy and presence which is now the most common tool for any talent in the public eye. The ability to foresee market changes is a gift that allows talent to stay one step ahead of the trend. Tamara also has experience in producing and developing projects. Additional talent and experience includes coaching clients on auditions for film and television as well as personal on set direction. Tamara finds and develops new talent, manages existing talent and creates a brand for her clients.



Eleven Talent proudly represents a wide range of clients, from promising new talent to veterans of the industry. No matter where the client is at in their career, we are constantly pushing to get to the next level. We join forces with clients we believe in with a structured passion that will change the trajectory of their journey with our precision handling of their career development. Join Eleven Talent Agency’s aggressive, creative and winning team!


Eleven Talent has strong relationships with Commercial Casting offices throughout Los Angeles, who regularly bring in our clients for auditions. Our clients have booked industry wide, for many products, services and campaigns. We are constantly strengthening our ties by providing casting with outstanding, diverse talent and by helping to make their work seamless. We look forward to our strategically planned forecast for growth and expansion over the next two years and beyond. Join our team and grow with us!


Eleven Talent Agency dance department allows working dancers to live their dreams while we set out to conquer the industry. Eleven Talent dancers will be competing for exclusive opportunities in the dance world.We are well connected and fully understands the business of the dance industry so intimately that our clients will know they are protected and respected. Let’s DANCE!”

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  • Eleven Talent Client lands NCIS Role

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